Put your best foot forward!
 Have your Company Name,  Greeting and Main Menu recorded  by our voice talent. Always polite  and reliable. Never miss a call, no  busy signals or full mailboxes.  Unlimited extensions allows the  system to grow with you!

  Customize each extension with your   own voice. Listen to messages   online or via the phone. Add   extensions or change forwarding   numbers quickly and easily with   Online Account Management.   Detailed billing and Online Account   Management make tracking   incoming calls a breeze!
  Toll Free Number and a virtual   receptionist for just pennies a day!

  See our rates page to find out more   about our hosted system with PBX   like features!

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 Is this you?...

 ...you miss calls while on the road

 ...your clients get mailbox full  messages when they call you.

 ...your receptionist is constantly  interrupted from other work to  answer calls.
  Is this you?...

  ...your company has grown quickly   but a PBX is not a cost you want.

  ...you have people all over the   country, but want a unified feel.

  Is this you?...

  ...you get more calls than you can   conveniently handle.

  ...you want to portray a more   professional image to your callers.

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