How it works

123AutoAttendant makes it as easy as 1-2-3 for your CALLERS

· 123AutoAttendant answers calls with your professionally recorded custom greeting and menu
· Callers touch tone the extension, department, dial-by-name directory, operator, hotline information,   or person they wish to reach
· 123AutoAttendant connects the call with the extension requested
    Example: "Welcome to My Company. If you know your party's extension, you may enter it at any     time, or for the corporate personnel directory simply press the pound key. For information on My     Company's products and services press 2, For customer service press 3, Or for technical support     please press 4

123AutoAttendant makes it as easy as 1-2-3 for EMPLOYEES

· 123AutoAttendant connects the call to any phone number you choose in the United States or simply   takes a message as you wish
· After hours forwarding or message taking is also available
· 123AutoAttendant sends an e-mail or text message notification that a message is present in   voice mail with the phone number of the caller
· NEW! Listen to messages on the Web for FREE!

123AutoAttendant makes SET-UP as easy as 1-2-3

· Set up is a breeze,our dedicated staff personally assists you when setting up your account
· We provide you with a toll free phone number
· We help you write and we professionally record your day and night greeting messages
· We help you write and we professionally record your custom menu
· We set up your dial byname directory
· We help assign extension numbers for all employees
· We set up call forwarding for each extension
· We show you how to quickly and easily add new extensions and make changes online
· We provide you with easy to use voice mail instructions

123AutoAttendant makes VOICEMAIL as easy as 1-2-3

· NEW! Listen to messages on the Web.FREE!
· Unlimited number of voice mailboxes & extensions included
· Every box has it's own greeting, password and message notification - No need to share
· Message Notification - receive an e-mail, text message or numeric page with the number of the   caller, letting you know you have a message waiting

· Date and Time Stamp on each message

· 3 Minute Message Time-Allows callers to leave a detailed message

· Unlimited Message Storage Capacity-Callers never hear "Mailbox Full"

· Fast Forward or Rewind Message by 5 seconds

· Message Forwarding-Transfer messages to other members in the system

· Save, Delete or Replay Message

· Save Messages for up to 30 Days!


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